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Mosquito Control

How to get rid of mosquitoes in Summer?

In the hot summer, mosquitoes are very annoying, not only itching and redness after biting, but even the spread of bacterial viruses. Let us see what are the good ways to control the killing of mosquitoes.

The first category: “chemical” weapons

Anti-mosquito window screen paint

Electric mosquito coil

The mosquito repellent principle of electric mosquito coils is to inhale pyrethrum and the like into the mosquito coils and evaporate after heating to achieve the effect of mosquito killing. If a few drops of wind olein is better, it can generally be maintained for 6-8 hours. Liquid electric mosquito coils use the principle of hair straws to continuously heat to release insecticides, which is the most convenient to use. A bottle of mosquito coil liquid can be used continuously for 30 days, eliminating the trouble of changing the electric mosquito coil tablets every day.

Mosquito coil

After the mosquito coil is lit, the pyrethrin in the mosquito coil evaporates with the smoke and spreads in the indoor air, paralyzing the nerves of the mosquitoes, causing them to fall to the ground or die. Mosquito coils are best used outdoors, such as around your home, at the door, or in a place with good ventilation. Mosquito-repellent incense is lit before dark in the evening for the best mosquito repellent effect.

Spray insecticide

Its main chemical composition is a kind of insecticide called propinthrin. Spraying insecticides under stairwells, sinks, gutters, toilets, cabinets, and table legs can effectively kill mosquitoes. Insecticides do not need much, not only waste, but also pollute the environment, mastering the time, place and dosage of mosquito control is the key.

Anti-mosquito liquid

Also known as mosquito repellent. The main component of anti-mosquito fluid is mosquito amine. Applying qualified anti-mosquito liquid can prevent 99.9% of mosquito bites within 6-8 hours. The principle is that the drug directly acts on the mosquito’s tactile organs and chemoreceptors to achieve the purpose of repelling mosquitoes.

Mosquito repellent toilet water

Contains bionic repellent materials, which can make mosquitoes have the illusion and lose the desire to bite. Each aging can reach 5 hours. Some mosquito repellent toilet water also contains valuable Chinese herbal medicine ingredients, which have the functions of cooling, diarrhoea, and summer heat. It can be said to be multi-purpose.

The second category: “Physical” weapons

Mosquito net

It can not only avoid mosquitoes and wind, but also absorb falling dust and filter the air.

Electric mosquito swatter

A grid of electricity is formed on the surface of the net by electrical energy. After hitting the mosquito, the current passes through the mosquito body and burns the mosquito to death.

Mosquito lamp

The mosquito trapping lamp utilizes the phototaxis of mosquitoes and sensitivity to special wavelengths to induce mosquitoes to contact the surface of the net and scorch the mosquitoes instantly through high-voltage electricity. Mosquito trap lights are best placed above the knees, and do not exceed 180 cm from the ground. When using mosquito trap lights, other indoor light sources should be turned off to avoid affecting the mosquito trapping effect. Add some water and vinegar to the insect collecting box of the mosquito trapping lamp to get better mosquito trapping effect.

Tips for safe mosquito control

Bottle trapping method

Fill the empty wine bottle with 10 ml of sugar solution and shake it a few times to make the inner wall of the bottle adhere to the sugar liquid and place them in the active areas of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes smelled of sugar and got stuck in the bottle. The surface of containers such as glassware or ceramic crocks can also be evenly coated with a layer of carbohydrate syrup and placed in a dark place. Mosquitoes will also be poisoned and die after smoking.

Artificial killing

Every day before dark and after getting up in the morning, mosquitoes like to stick to screen doors and screens. Taking advantage of this opportunity can effectively kill mosquitoes.

Vacuum cleaner mosquito killing method

Before you go to bed every night, aim the vacuum cleaner at the bottom of the bed, the corner of the house and other places where mosquitoes are easy to gather. Vacuum can suck most mosquitoes into the vacuum cleaner.

Soap water to kill mosquito eggs

Put a pot in the courtyard, and put soapy water made of soap and washing powder in the pot to lure mosquitoes to lay eggs in the water. This alkaline environment is not suitable for mosquitoes to survive, so a few days later, the water basin will be filled with many dead young mosquito eggs.

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