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Why are sticky insect glue traps yellow and blue?

Why are insect glue traps always yellow and blue?

According to the investigation, the yellow and blue sticky insect glue traps have a good effect on killing pests. According to the sensitivity of the insects to different colors, the yellow sticky insects and the yellow sticky insects attract the pests to the sticky insects. To the purpose of trapping and killing insects,

Mythimna Yellow Board

Because adults such as aphids, whiteflies, and Liriomyza spp. Have certain sensitivities to yellow, the yellow board of Mythimna separata has a good effect on these kinds of pests! However, pests like thrips have a tendency to blue, so blue sticky insect plates have a good killing effect on this type of pests!

Sticky insect board use method:

The hanging time is generally from the seedling stage to the harvest, and it should be used uninterruptedly. When there are many pests sticking to the trap board, use bamboo chips or other hard objects to scrape off the dead insects in time. Each sticky insect board is fixed with bamboo strips and inserted vertically on the vegetable field at a height of 15-20 cm from the top of the crop, and the hanging height is continuously adjusted as the plant grows higher. To control aphids, whiteflies, leafhoppers, and leafminers, initially 3 to 5 yellow sticky insect plates can be hung to monitor the density of the insect mouth. When the amount of attracting insects on the attractant plate increases, the size of 25 cm X 20 cm per acre is hung. 30 pieces of yellow sticky insects are enough. For the control of thrips, it is possible to hang 3 ~ 5 blue sticky insect boards to monitor the density of the insect mouth. When the amount of traps on the bait board increases, the blue sticky insect board with a size of 19 cm X 42.8 cm is hung per acre. Just 30 tablets.

In fact, whether it is a yellow board or a blue board, the purpose of its design is to lure and kill insects! Therefore, when you buy, you can choose according to the characteristics of the field pests and the types of pests! Can also be used together, the effect is better!

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