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Mosquito and fly eradication measures in farms in summer

The prevention of fly mosquitoes in pig farms in summer is very important, and it is essential to improve the quality of pigs, the hygiene of pig farms, and the prevention of diseases and epidemic diseases. The following introduces several methods to eliminate flies and mosquitoes.

1. Fly control

There are many ways to solve flies, and the commonly used method is to spray flies or insecticides in the house, but these methods cannot fundamentally solve the problem of flies. The following solution is mainly to eliminate the places where flies live and reproduce, which is the way to eradicate flies.

(1) Adding the drug cypromazine is a highly effective insect growth regulator, it has a killing effect on the larvae of Diptera insects, especially for several common fly larvae that reproduce in feces. Inhibition and killing. The addition of feed can cause flies to be eliminated before adults, and this method has a good effect on many pig farms.

(2) Solving the breeding site of flies Another solution to the flies is to start from the eggs. The method is to cover the pig manure produced every day with plastic cloth and suffocate the flies and eggs in the plastic cloth . This does not need to be covered every day, because it takes a certain amount of time for the flies to change from eggs to adults, and changing the cloth every three days is enough to kill all the eggs. Note that when covered with plastic cloth, it must be tightly sealed. If the plastic cloth has holes, it needs to be plugged with soil or other things, and there must be no air leakage. This method is the first supplement, because most of the pig feed on the farm is full-price material, and it is impossible to add drugs, and the pig feed is the most wasted material, pig feces and sprinkled material. It is still a breeding ground for flies.

(3) Many pig farms still have a lot of flies in the piggery after adopting the above method. The reason is often due to the lack of attention to the hygiene of the piggy house. Become a place where flies breed; regularly check the piggery for feeding, and solve it in time, which also reduces the number of flies to a certain extent.

If the above three methods are used in combination, solving the flies is a simple matter.

2. Anti-mosquito

(1) The enemy is thousands of miles away. The large mosquito net uses a screen to cover the entire pig house. This method is more practical in small-scale pig farms. We have tested that if you attach a screen to the window, you can effectively block the entry of mosquitoes. However, due to the relatively dense screens, the inside and outside ventilation of the house is seriously affected, especially in the high temperature season in summer. The temperature inside the house is 2 ° C to 3 ° C higher than when the window is opened. At the same time as solving mosquitoes, it leads to high house temperature, especially the high temperature for a long time in the delivery room, which will reduce the feed intake of sows, and the high temperature of the pregnancy house will also increase the number of stillbirths. The range of internal and external ventilation is increased, and the ventilation effect is much better. If mechanical ventilation is installed in the house, this measure will be much better.

(2) Dispensing medicine in the dead water at the bottom of the kettle is to control the place where mosquito eggs are produced, so that the mosquitoes are killed before the adult; this method is more practical in areas with little water in the north, as long as the places with dead water, such as drainage ditches, accumulate Insecticides are placed in rainwater and other places, most of the eggs of mosquitoes will be killed; this can greatly reduce the number of mosquitoes in the pig house.

(3) High wall construction In the southern water-rich areas, many mosquitoes fly in from outside the field. If a one-meter high screen is placed on the wall of the pig farm, the number of mosquitoes flying in can be greatly reduced. Mosquito measures are also beneficial to prevent mosquito harm. If it can be designed to be taken off during the day and hung up at night, this effect is better; it will not affect the ventilation during the day, and when it does not require a lot of ventilation at night, it can block the mosquitoes by hanging up.

(4) The method of using mosquito coils to repel mosquitoes in some pig farms in minefields can also be considered. Due to the smell of mosquito coils, mosquitoes are afraid to come close to them. In terms of harm, the investment of mosquito coils is still relatively small.

(5) Clear walls and clear weeds are often places where mosquitoes inhabit during the day. If there are no weeds in the pig farm, there will be no place for mosquitoes to hide; eliminating weeds will leave mosquitoes nowhere to hide, and is also a way to reduce mosquitoes.

(6) Entice the enemy deeper Set up mosquito killer lamps inside and outside the pig house to attract mosquitoes and kill them with drugs.

In short, the methods listed above are some feasible methods actually adopted by the pig farm. Each pig farm should be flexibly selected according to the actual situation of the farm, and flies and mosquitoes should be put out of the door.

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