Mouse Control

There are many kinds of mice, and the harm is serious.

Prevention and control measures

1)Ecological killing of rats

Adopt all sorts of measures to destroy the adaptation environment of rat kind, restrain its breed and grow, make its mortality increase.The production can be combined with the deep ploughing, irrigation and afforestation to deteriorate its living conditions.This method must be coordinated with other methods to be effective.

2).Biological control of rats

To protect the natural enemies of mice, owls, weasels, cats and most of the snakes that live on mice, in order to control the number of rats.Three. Instruments to kill rats.

Use mousetrap, mousetrap, mousetrap.This method is not suitable for large area or high pest density.

3). Drug to kill rats:This method has good effect, quick effect, wide range of adaptation, large area to kill rats.However, we should pay attention to the selection of high efficiency, low toxicity, low residue, no pollution and the second poisoning risk is small, do not make the harm of rats physiological resistance to rodenticide.

Do not continuously use the same kind of anti-rodent drugs.After the death of rats poisoned by eating poisonous bait, the body still contains the chemical composition of poisonous bait remaining in the body, even if the chemical composition of poisonous bait is trace, its basic physical properties remain unchanged.The other mice, when they found the dead rat, could still smell the special chemical composition of the bait in addition to the normal rat odor.Mice are very intelligent mammals with a very keen sense of smell and a strong ability to identify and remember odors.The rat was able to recognize that the death of a partner was directly related to a particular chemical odor, and to remember that, so it didn’t pick up food that smelled special to the dead rat, and it stopped its partner from picking it up.Even if the bait is changed, the rat will not eat it.

Try to use physical methods to control the rodent population without polluting the environment.

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