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How to put the mouse sticky board to catch the mice?

Foreword: Rats are intolerant of thirst and need to drink water every day. Rattus norvegicus and Rattus norvegicus need to drink 15-30 ml of water every day. Rattus norvegicus and Rattus norvegicus consume 10% of their body weight every day and night, and the rat has to patrol about 100 times a day to eat 3 grams of food. The brown rats usually nest in kitchens, warehouses or outdoor drains, debris piles, garbage dumps, etc. Yellow-breasted rats are good at climbing, nesting in high wall holes, roofs, ceilings, sandwich walls, and door crests. House mice usually live in the shelves, boxes, drawers and wall crevices of houses, grain and food stores, or in sandy land with lawns. In addition to consuming or polluting food, mice tend to grind their teeth, so they suffer from biting The damaged packaging materials or construction equipment are considerable. According to statistics, a quarter of unexplained fires in the United States may be caused by rats biting and damaging wires.

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   Rats can easily adapt to the living environment of human beings, so they have become the most important sanitary pests. Rats often appear in sewers, toilets, kitchens and other places. They move back and forth between germ-carrying places and clean places, and spread pathogens through rat feet, body hair and stomach carry. Many people buy the mouse sticky board and rarely stick to the mouse. This result is that the main method of using it is incorrect. Below, according to the family environment, I will introduce the use of the mouse sticky board. Hope it can help you.

A lot of nonsense, how did the mouse get to the house? The important thing is said three times:

Rats are coming up along various pipelines

Rats are coming up along various pipelines

Rats are coming up along various pipelines

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1 Window: It is one of the ways for rats to enter the room. Rats can climb to high-rise residential areas through pipes and wires, and enter the room through windows. (There are many holes in the sand windows of homes that are bitten by mice)

Put the sticky mouse board on the window. You must put the window to the window. The sticky mouse board is half of the length and width, or one-third of the size, to seal the mouse’s entry route. The mouse will pass from above so that it can be glued to the outside. Rat. Don’t forget to put a peeled peanut or a few seeds in the middle of the sticky mouse board,

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2 Pipes: The mice in the house are yellow-breasted mice and house mice. When there is no place to hide, they usually hide on the ceiling or high places. They go back and forth through pipes, wires, and some places connecting the ceiling and the underground. On top, come down to eat at night.

   Two or more quick-adhesive mouse boards can be used next to the pipe to block the path of the mouse coming down. If the mouse wants to come down, it will stick to

3 Kitchen: It is the place where rats like to stay, because there is a lot of food left over from humans, which can provide them with food and clothing.

    Mice like to find food in the kitchen. Mice have sensitive hearing, touch and smell. They have poor vision, so they like to walk on the corner with a beard.

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