Fly stick trap—NRTG013

  • Item No.: NRTG013;
  • Material: High quality strong glue;
  • Open Size: 6.5*26cm;
  • Pcs/box:1
  • Boxes/ctn:48
  • Carton Size: 53.5*40.5*25m
  • G.W.:5KG
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Fly lantern stick glue trap 



Pull tab and tear off the cover carefully along perforated line and place trap as sketched below.

Flying Insect Trap could also be hanged by the attached plastic hook or be mounted on a smooth surface using the self-adhesive tapes.

Pour one teaspoon of sweet syrup(honey,chocolate sauce)into the plastic cup at the bottom of the tarp.If,aftter 2-3 days,no flies have been caught,move the trap to another location.For best results, replace the trap every 3 months.Wrap the old trap in newspaper or a plastic bag and discard in a trash receptacle.



Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Do not use in wet areas.
Glue can be removed from hands & Fabrics with Alcohol turpentine or paint thinner.