Hanging Red Top Fly Bag Trap—NRFT002

  • Item No.: NRFT002;
  • Material: PP;
  • Open Size: 20.5*30cm;
  • Packing: 100pcs/ctn;
  • Carton Size: 67*45*39cm
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Item No. NRFT002
Size 20.5*30cm
Packing 1pc/opp bag;72bags/ctn
Carton Size 75*43.5*43.5cm
Application place The Disposable Fly Trap is ideal for picnics, camping, or just around your yard. The trap should be hung in a tree or a bush, at least 20 feet away from your activity area.
Application time The Disposable Fly Trap is particularly effective in late summer and early fall because it appeals to the Fly and Insects’ need for moisture during that time.

How it works:

The trap consists of a two-layer durable plastic bag with a scientifically designed molded plastic entry structure that prevents escape.

A powerful water-soluble lure is included; you simply add water to the trap and hang it outside. The Fly and Insects are lured by the lure scent and fly into the bag through the yellow entry structure.

Once the trap is full, the top cap closes shut and the entire trap can be placed in the garbage.

Directions for Use:

1.Unscrew cap and pull out until cap stops.

2.Add water to fill ine of bag.

3.Hang trap outside near where pests are seen(garbage,compost,dog run,stable)to draw flies away from outdoor living areas.

In warmer temperatures, place trap in a shaded area.

In colder temperatures, flies will be more active where it is warmer, so place trap in sunny areas.

Replace trap when full or after 4 weeks-whichever comes first.

4.Close trap. Deposit in trash for collection.

5.Wash hands with soap and water.