Rat and Mouse Glue Trap Paper with Release Paper-Folding—NRTG007-1

  • Item No.: NRTG007-1;
  • Size/pcs(cm): 12.7*20.4;
  • Material: Paper base with release paper+glue;
  • Glue weight per box(g): 84/Customized;
  • Package(pcs/bag): 2;
  • Package (bags/ctn): 144;
  • Main Target: Mice,rats and large crawling pests
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1. Tear off the released paper and fold the trap into”house”shape along the broken lines

2. Place traps in ares where cokcroaches are seen or suspected.Such as kichens,bathromms,dampareas,basements.etc.

Place along baseboards or walls under sinks,in cabinets,closets,behind stoves or refrigerators


1.Avoid contactiong with glue in trap as it sticks to hands ,wearing

2.Do not move the trap if it continues to trap cockroaches,move to another location after 3-5 days if the trap remains empty

3.Since the trap becomes filled with trapped cockroaches,children should avoid touching or playing with it

4.If the glue sticks to hands ,hair or clothes ,clean first with cooking oil.then wash with soap or washing liquid