Sticky Roll Fly Tape Reel—NRTG028

  • Item No.: NRTG028;
  • Size: 400m or customized;
  • Pcs/box: 1
  • Boxes/ctn:10
  • Carton Size: 53*40*29cm
  • G.W.:13KG
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Install this reel, leading tape through your pulleys and attach to your take up spool.

When a length is full of flies, just unwind a fresh length.

Discard when reel is full, saving the empty reel for use as your new take up spool.



Special non-drying glue to attract and catch millions of flies.

Provides 24-hour non-toxic fly control for use in stables, farms, dairy barns, kennels, restaurants, patios, garages and more.

Convenient “hands off” disposal means no mess; simply throw the full reel in the trash.

Environmentally safe; contains no insecticides, no risk of flies developing a chemical resistance. Great for protecting larger areas, but can be used anywhere to eliminate fly problems.