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How to get rid of rats?

How to get rid of rats

As the saying goes, everyone crosses the street and everyone shouts. So, is there any way to eliminate rats? The following is an effective way to share rodent control with you, I hope to help you!

The harm of rats

1. First of all, rats are the spreaders of many diseases. Rats can directly transmit many diseases to humans through humans or some parasites, directly or indirectly. Not only that, but studies by authoritative experts have confirmed that rats can transmit more than 35 diseases, such as plague or epidemic hemorrhagic fever. What’s more, diseases such as epidemic hemorrhagic fever are more harmful to human kidney function. Patients often have high fever or shock, and the treatment process is relatively complicated and the treatment time is relatively long.

2. Mice generally carry more bacteria. If humans don’t clean up after eating some foods, and these foods are eaten by mice after being touched by humans, it is very easy to bring these bacteria into their bodies. If you don’t get treatment in time, or if you don’t get a mouse vaccine in time, it is very easy to cause harm to your life.

3. Moreover, mice often carry a lot of fleas. If these fleas run on the human body, humans may have itchy skin or cause some infections.

If we accidentally come into contact with these fleas, it is best to immediately apply some anti-allergic ointment and antibiotic ointment to the area where the flea bites, so as to avoid more skin problems.

4. If mice are infected with a leptospirosis virus, and their excrement infects our food or drinking water, we will be more susceptible to this disease after drinking this water.

The most effective anti-rodent method

1. Physical methods: To prevent rat intrusion, according to the investigation situation, different methods are adopted in different environments, with electronic mouse traps, sticky mouse boards, mouse clips, mouse trap cages and other defense lines, which can kill indoor mice and cut off the way of rat invasion. The physical rodent control method is efficient, hygienic, safe for people, and free of environmental pollution.

2. Chemical method: trap and kill rats, and spread drugs to trap and kill the rats. According to seasonal changes, in different periods and different environments, the preparation and use of palatable bait poisoning.

3. Environmental prevention and control: The most effective and lasting method for preventing and controlling rodent pests is to exclude rodents from buildings. The rodent-proof facilities are built in the building part. The mouse-proof construction of the building is divided into the following points:

① The sewers and drains should be intact, and broken pipes should be repaired in time. Pipes leading to the banks of rivers and lakes and beaches should use one-way valves or mouse shields to prevent rodents from entering the building.

②The height of the house foundation from the ground should not be less than 60cm. For the unsatisfactory old buildings, a 10cm thick L-shaped cement mouse board should be added to the periphery.

③ Wire mesh should be added to the windows and all vents in the basement and first floor, and the mesh is 13 × 13mm.

④The doors and windows should be closed, and the gap is less than 6mm. There is a metal kick board under the door.

⑤Iron ball must be added to the upper end of the rainwater drop tube, and the lower end must be 30cm away from the ground to prevent rodents from entering.

⑥The holes of all pipes and cables in and out of the building should be blocked with cement.

⑦Use cement to smooth out all holes and gaps in the building to prevent rodents from hiding and using.

The easiest way to kill rodents

Sticky mouse board

The sticky mouse board is placed on the route that the mouse passes, sticks to it and cannot move, and it will be starved to death. Superglue is safe, non-toxic, and very cheap.

mouse glue trap supplierp supplier
mouse glue trap supplier

Mouse cages

First put the mouse cage in the place where the mouse passes by for a while, let the mouse adapt to the existence of new things, and open the mousetrap mechanism to place the food in a few days. And then eat your bait.

mouse cage
mouse cage

mouse traps

The mouse likes to walk along the corner and put the mouse clip in the place where the mouse passes. You can put some peanuts as the bait. The mouse clip needs to be scalded with hot water once, otherwise the mouse will not be fooled next time because the mouse The smell is trapped, and it becomes a one-time use. In addition, the place where the mouse has been trapped should be scalded with hot water and wiped clean.

Above are some solutions of how to get rid of rats, for your reference and thank you for reading.

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